SOULs Sync

souls sync command is mainly used to synchronize files and settings between APIs, Workers, and the cloud.

souls help sync

$ souls help sync
  souls sync conf            # Sync config/souls.rb Endpoint with Google Cloud Run
  souls sync help [COMMAND]  # Describe subcommands or one specific subcommand
  souls sync models           # Sync Model, DB, Factory Files with API
  souls sync pubsub          # Sync Worker Jobs & Google Cloud Pubsub Subscriptions

souls sync conf

config/souls.rb to the latest state.

$ souls sync conf

souls sync models

Synchronize files related to API Model to all Workers.

$ souls sync models

souls sync pubsub

By this command

  • Check mutation files in all workers
  • Get a list of topics and subscriptions on Google Cloud PubSub in the same project
  • Find the PubSub topic for the mutation file in the worker and create it if it doesn't
  • Delete the PubSub topic if the file for the PubSub topic is not in the mutation

These operations are performed automatically.

$ souls sync pubsub